Geelong might be the second largest city in Victoria, but we are leading the way in new dynamic careers and industries. This is great news for our career seekers, and those planning to move here for our attractive regional lifestyle, education and recreation choices.

Our career opportunities are just as inviting.

What is it like to work in construction in Geelong?

Careers that build in Geelong have mushroomed like the houses in the new subdivisions that surround our city. Residential and Commercial construction jobs have increased 9.6% since the 2011 census. Victorian Building Authority data shows there were 5928 building permits granted in Geelong in the 2017/2018 financial year, with a reported works cost of $1.7Billion. This is an increase of $4million from the previous financial year. Along with the value growth, the nature of the industry itself is rapidly changing. ICT powers project management, delivering virtual project walk throughs, and drone site monitoring. While construction relies on traditional trades and craftspeople, its future will require highly skilled professionals with wide management and technology abilities. Knowledge workers are the future of careers that build. Whether it is project management, building information modelling, or 3D printing, it’s time to prepare for a time in the near future where robots will drive vehicles and assemble prefabricated modules on site. Green construction and remote controlled smart homes are already the norm, and employability in construction is undergoing a revolution we need to be preparing for now. If you are considering a career in construction, don’t neglect your IT skills!


  • Design, build and complete projects from houses, to commercial buildings, and civic structures like highways.


  • Installation of electrical wiring systems


  • A plumber plans, installs, maintains and repairs all the systems in your house which allow water and gas to flow in and out.

Painting & Decorating

  • A painter and decorator applies paint, wall coverings and other finishes to interior and exterior surfaces of buildings and other structures.


  • Designs concrete projects, through to build and completion.

Entry level jobs in construction are often skills shortages and usually don’t require an ATAR or university degree.

Traineeships enable you to start your career and learn on the job at the same time.

Use Geelong Careers’ live job feed position descriptions to gain an up to the minute guide to what employers value in experience, training and skills.

Geelong’s future is far reaching and surprising. Our top trending industries: health, education, agribusiness, logistics, ICT, advanced manufacturing, construction and hospitality continue to grow. These are joined by professional services, up 16.5%, administration and safety services, up 12.4%, and arts and recreation up 20%. Read more here

To be ready we have to plan. With our population of 308,339 (2016) expected to grow by about a third again by 2031, Geelong Careers is committed to leading our region to prepare the work force we need, to ensure our region continues to achieve its full potential

Owner: Geelong Region Local Learning & Employment Network

Cover shot provided by Lynden Smith